Tungsten Wire

You can find that tungsten is at work whenever the heat’s on. Tungsten material properties(having the highest melting point, good electric conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity and a uniquely low thermal expansion and a very high level of dimensional stability)  tungsten  can  suitable for very high-temperature applications.


Company Limited products and supplies tungsten wire and other tungsten alloy wire (such as tantalum tungsten alloy wire, copper tungsten alloy wire and other tungsten alloy wire). Tungsten wire has the same properties of tungsten materials. The crystal structure of tungsten wire is compact.

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Tungsten wire applications:
Tungsten wire is usually used to manufacture electric light and electric vacuum components and the high temperature heating body and high temperature structural parts( like filament for all kinds of lamps) and is applied to make vacuum evaporation plating tungsten spiral.

























Appearance of tungsten wire:

The tungsten wire is coated with colloidal graphite on the surface and tungsten appears uniform black. Tungsten wire appears metal luster if being removed colloidal graphite.

Tungsten wire supply:

We supply pure tungsten wire, tantalum tungsten alloy wire, tungsten copper alloy wire and other tungsten alloy wire. Our tungsten wire supply ability is 10 tons per month.

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