Tungsten Bar


Brief Introduction

Tungsten powder that that produced by our own factory and then sinters tungsten bar by  scientific and standardized technology. Tungsten bar has low content of impurities and good processing performance.

The tungsten density is 18g/cm3-18.3g/cm3 and tungsten purity is more than 99.95%.

Characteristics of tungsten bar:

The melting point of tungsten bar is 3410℃. Tungsten bar has Excellent thermal/electric conductivity. The crystal structure of tungsten bar is impact, so tungsten bar has good erosion resistance.

Applications of tungsten bar:

Tungsten bar is generally used to manufacture emitting cathode, high temperature setting lever, support, lead, print needle and all kinds of electrodes and the quartz furnace heater.

Appearance of tungsten bar:

Tungsten bar has no bending, crack, burr, peeling and other defects

affecting the further uses.

1 .tungsten bar chemical compositions and applications:

bar-baige-12. tungsten bar forms and dimensions:

bar-baioge-2Hot Sale tungsten bar on show 

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Kind Reminder

We provides various tungsten tools, for example tungsten hammer. We also manufactures tungsten alloy products, such as gold tungsten alloy products, molybdenum tungsten alloy products and other tungsten alloy products.

We look forward to serving you the opportunity, if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to send an inquiry to us below, thank you.