JINXING METALS have been working on the metal products over 10 years, Mainly focus on the Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium,Titanium, Zirconium,Nickel, Iridium and Sputtering Targets. Our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, medical , furnace industrial and other semi-conductor field. JINXING METALS has abundant various machine tools and equipment like vacuum induction furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, air hammers, pipe mills and also advanced test equipment like spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer,hydraulic test machine, universal testing machine, sclerometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, hydrostatic test machine, and so on.

titanium dioxide (tio2) sputtering targets

  • titanium india

    Titanium India

    Titanium India (DALI ELECTRONICS / VIJAY COMMERCIAL HOUSE) provides quality products, at competitive prices, with the quickest deliveries. We offer the largest ...

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  • nitrogen-concentration dependence on photocatalytic ...

    Nitrogen-Concentration Dependence on Photocatalytic ...

    The oxidation power of the TiO2-xNx powders with low nitrogen concentrations (<0.02) was evaluated by the decomposition of gaseous 2-propanol (IPA) under the same ...

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  • alloy targets - testbourne ltd

    Alloy Targets - Testbourne Ltd

    Testbourne Ltd has been supplying high purity metals, alloys & compounds to industries such as Architectural & Automotive glass, Hard Wearing & Decorative coatings ...

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  • hydrogen-treated tio2 nanowire arrays for ...

    Hydrogen-Treated TiO2 Nanowire Arrays for ...

    We report the first demonstration of hydrogen treatment as a simple and effective strategy to fundamentally improve the performance of TiO2 nanowires for ...

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  • material & msds | super conductor materials, inc.

    Material & MSDS | Super Conductor Materials, Inc.

    Material Formula Available Purities Sputtering Target Evaporation Material Crucible Liner MSDS : Aluminum: Al: 99.9% - 99.9995% : Aluminum antimonide

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  • 東京工芸大学|薄膜デバイス研究室


    About Lab. R & D Prof. Profile Member Links Return to Top 現在、薄膜デバイス研究室では、 1.『スパッタ法による薄膜作製技術の開発』 2.『各種薄膜作製への応用』

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  • "과학기자재 전문 쇼핑몰" - 4science.net

    "과학기자재 전문 쇼핑몰" - 4science.NET

    오후 3시 이전 주문 완료 건에 한해 바/로/당/일/출/고 됩니다!

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  • lammps publications - lammps molecular dynamics …

    LAMMPS Publications - LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics …

    LAMMPS Publications This page lists papers that cite LAMMPS via the original 1995 J Comp Phys paper discussed here, which includes a discussion of the basic parallel ...

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  • eurasc - new members - www.eurasc.org

    Eurasc - New Members - www.eurasc.org

    List of the new elected members to the European Academy of Sciences

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  • eurasc - news

    Eurasc - News

    Past Meetings of EURASC. The last Symposium "The Future of Science in the 21st Century : Progress in Science, Progress in Society", and the Ceremony of Awards …

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