Titanium bolt nuts

Brief introduction:

Pure titanium bolt nuts have good anticorrosion performance, so titanium bolt nuts are used in highly corrosive chemical industry.

Titanium bolt and nut is one set of fasteners and it composed of titanium bolt and titanium nut.

Bolt sizes: above M1.5

Standard:  GB DIN ISO

Properties of titanium bolt nuts:

Titanium bolt nuts have such properties: lightweight, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low density, high specific strength, toughness, strong anti damping properties, non-magnetic, non-toxic, good heat transfer performance, low elastic modulus, suction performance, etc.














Titanium bolt and nuts produced by our company adheres to corrosion resistance, bright, light and firm characteristics of titanium metal.

Classifications of titanium bolt nuts:

Titanium bolts can be grouped into hex bolts, square neck bolts, bolt head, countersunk head bolts, carriage bolts, pad set combination of bolts, special-shaped non-standard bolts, etc.

While titanium nuts can be classified into titanium hex nut, self-locking nut, knurled nut, slotted nut, special non-standard nut, etc.

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