Tantalum Pipe








Brief introduction:

Tantalum pipe is manufactured from tantalum powder by shaping, sintering and polishing. Seamless tantalum pipe is made from tantalum bar and seamed tantalum pipe is manufactured from tantalum sheet through processing.

Material: RO5200, RO5400, RO5252(Ta-2.5W), RO5255(Ta-10W)
Size: Diameter: φ1.0-150mm
  Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
Standard: As per ASTM B521-98

Properties of tantalum pipe: Tantalum pipe has such properties as good strength and hardness, low density, light weight, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance. Applications of tantalum pipe: Tantalum pipe is generally used in chemical equipment, especially the main heat transfer equipment. Tantalum pipe also can be used in electric power industry, metallurgical industry, fertilizer industry, seawater desalination industry.