Niobium wire

Niobium is a gray metal and its melting point is 2468 ℃, boiling point is 4742 ℃ , density is 8.57 g / cm3. Pure niobium is used in electron tube to remove the residual gas. Niobium is also used to manufacture high temperature ceramic metal. The physical and chemical properties of tantalum and niobium are very similar. Niobium itself is very strong and the niobium carbide is more hard.


Material: RO4200-1, RO4210-2A
Size: ¢0.25~¢3mm
Standard: As per ASTM B392-98
Purity: ≧99.9% or 99.95%(Nb+Ta)

Properties of niobium wire:

Niobium has such properties: high melting point, good corrosion resistance, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. Niobium wire has the similar properties as those of niobium.

Applications of niobium wire:

Due to niobium’s high melting point, corrosion resistance, cold processing and good performance characteristics, niobium wire is widely used in chemical, electronic, aviation and aerospace fields.



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