JINXING METALS have been working on the metal products over 10 years, Mainly focus on the Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium,Titanium, Zirconium,Nickel, Iridium and Sputtering Targets. Our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, medical , furnace industrial and other semi-conductor field. JINXING METALS has abundant various machine tools and equipment like vacuum induction furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, air hammers, pipe mills and also advanced test equipment like spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer,hydraulic test machine, universal testing machine, sclerometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, hydrostatic test machine, and so on.

niobium carbide abrasive

  • pure tungsten milling and grinding | eagle alloys …

    Pure Tungsten Milling and Grinding | Eagle Alloys …

    Eagle Alloys offers pure tungsten milling, grinding, turning and forming, Click here for more information on our services today.

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  • cutting tool materials - plymouth university

    Cutting Tool Materials - Plymouth University

    1 Carbon Steels Carbon steels have been used since the 1880s for cutting tools. However carbon steels start to soften at a temperature of about 180 o C.

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  • compound targets - testbourne ltd

    Compound Targets - Testbourne Ltd

    A wide selection of compound based sputtering targets: oxides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, carbides, crystalline and composite mixtures.

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  • chapter 1: cutting tool materials - american machinist

    Chapter 1: Cutting Tool Materials - American Machinist

    By George Schneider Jr. CMfgE Carbide parts are loaded into a sintering furnace, to be heated at up to 2,900°F Many types of tool materials, ranging from high carbon ...

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  • knife blade materials - cliffstamp.com

    Knife blade materials - cliffstamp.com

    3V has a significantly higher carbide volume through the greater amount of mainly Vanadium, this also reduces the free carbon so 3V has a significantly lower ...

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  • aerospace supplier directory


    AerospaceSuppliers.com is a directory of companies who provide manufacturing, distribution and services to the aerospace industry. AerospaceSuppliers.com contains …

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  • crucible cpm s110v


    DS 07/10 CPM S110V Crucible Industries LLC U.S.A Note: Properties shown throughout this data sheet are typical values. Normal variations in chemistry, size and ...

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  • 347 stainless aerospace tubing | tw metals

    347 Stainless Aerospace Tubing | TW Metals

    347 Stainless Aerospace Tubing is alloyed with columbian-tantalum (also referred to as niobium) allowing good mechanical properties at high temperatures.

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  • materials science resources: high tech companies, part i

    Materials Science Resources: High Tech Companies, Part I

    Stony Brook's list of Materials Science resources

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  • laser cutting services - laserage technology corporation

    Laser Cutting Services - Laserage Technology Corporation

    At Laserage, we conform to our Quality Motto of “Focus on Excellence” in every facet of our operations. This, coupled with our laser cutting competencies spanning ...

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