JINXING METALS have been working on the metal products over 10 years, Mainly focus on the Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium,Titanium, Zirconium,Nickel, Iridium and Sputtering Targets. Our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, medical , furnace industrial and other semi-conductor field. JINXING METALS has abundant various machine tools and equipment like vacuum induction furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, air hammers, pipe mills and also advanced test equipment like spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer,hydraulic test machine, universal testing machine, sclerometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, hydrostatic test machine, and so on.

595d157x9020r2t tantalum capacitors 150uf 20v 10% 2824

  • 595d157x9020r2t vishay sprague | capacitors | digikey

    595D157X9020R2T Vishay Sprague | Capacitors | DigiKey

    Product Index > Capacitors > Tantalum Capacitors > Vishay Sprague 595D157X9020R2T ... CAP TANT 150UF 20V 10% 2824 ... Coated Tantalum Capacitors 20V 2824 ...

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  • avx tantalum capacitor, avx tantalum capacitor ... - alibaba.com

    Avx Tantalum Capacitor, Avx Tantalum Capacitor ... - alibaba.com

    595D157X9020R2T Tantalum Capacitors 150UF ... Tags: 595d157x9020r2t | Tantalum Capacitors 150uf 20v 10% 2824. ... TAJA475K020RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitors 4.7UF 20V 10% ...

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  • 595d157x9020r2t - sprague - datasheet

    595D157X9020R2T - Sprague - datasheet

    Passive Components › Capacitors › Tantalum Capacitors. Sprague 595D157X9020R2T ... CAP TANT 150UF 20V 10% 2824

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  • 595d157x9020r2t (vishay) - solid tantalum chip capacitors ...

    595D157X9020R2T (Vishay) - Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors ...

    Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors 150uF 10% 20V case R: Manufacturer: Vishay: Site: www.vishay.com: ... Chip Find: search «595D157X9020R2T» on Russian online stock ...

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  • tantalum capacitors | ebay

    tantalum capacitors | eBay

    Find great deals on eBay for tantalum capacitors and smd tantalum capacitors. ... CAPACITOR 160D 10uF 20V Tantalum ... Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 16V 10% 2917 ...

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  • t495e157k020ate080 kemet, tantalum capacitor, 150uf, 20v, 10% ...

    T495E157K020ATE080 KEMET, TANTALUM CAPACITOR, 150UF, 20V, 10% ...

    Buy KEMET T495E157K020ATE080 TANTALUM CAPACITOR, 150UF, 20V, 10%, 2924, FULL REEL now at Farnell element14.

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  • kemet tantalum capacitors - solid smd | mouser

    Kemet Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD | Mouser

    Kemet Tantalum Capacitors ... Kemet: Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 20V 10uF CASE "B" ... Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 16V 150uF 10% "X"

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  • 595d157x9020r2 datasheet, inventory, & price | ecia

    595D157X9020R2 Datasheet, Inventory, & Price | ECIA

    595D157X9020R2 Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA. Instant results for 595D157X9020R2.

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  • best stud welding machine for sales - capacitor-tantalum.com

    Best Stud Welding Machine for sales - capacitor-tantalum.com

    Good Quality General Purpose SMD Tantalum Capacitor T491A156K010AT 15UF 10V 10% 1206 from China Stud Welding Machine Manufacturer, ... CAP TANT 150UF 20V 10% 2824:

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  • 150uf capacitor | ebay

    150uf capacitor | eBay

    1,116 results for 150uf capacitor ... 2Pcs Electrolytic Capacitors 450V 150uF Volume 30x30 mm 150uF 450V. ... 150uF 10V SMT Tantalum Capacitor T495X157K010AS ...

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